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from Aug 31, 2021 to Aug 31, 2022

Are you interested in our products? 
Please order product samples by online mall. 

QUEEN SENSE online market open

from Aug 1, 2021 to Dec 30, 2021

We are continuously researching and developing products related to bedding to identify customer needs and respond quick

# Company Introduction
- Inheriting 30 years of history and tradition, we have built a stable production line with reliable technology.
  It is being built and recognized for its excellence in quality.
- We are continuously researching and developing products related to bedding to identify customer needs and respond quickly to market trends.

# Main Products 
- 60 Count Cotton Asa Pigment Washed Linen Quilted Bedding Set
- Punggi rayon carpet
- Organic cotton bedding set

# Strength 
-All processes are locally produced in Korea, and we handle everything from fabric purchase to product production. 

Healthy bedding. It's the best bedding company.

from Aug 1, 2021 to Dec 30, 2021

The basic principle of bedding is fabric. Fabric expert makes bedding.

Mongle organic cotton 100% spread

# Product information
1) Organic pure cotton washing pigment spread (S/Q) 2size, 6color
- White, gray, mint, beige, pink, blue
- S(150*210)
- Q(205*225)
-50*70 pillow
- Layer material: 30% cotton, 70% poly

2) Fully licensed and certified pure organic 100% cotton, genuine label is attached.
- Occasionally, the cottonseed hull may be visible and it is safe to use.

3) Washing Pigment
- The finished product is boiled at high temperature and dyed using a natural washing pigment processing method that gives it a natural, vintage color and soft texture. 


from Aug 2, 2021 to Feb 18, 2022


TESTONE is specialized in test equipment manufacturing such as U.T.M, Enviroment Chamber and etc., with the best technician more 20 years career and constant technical developing efforts.
We have supply records mainly to universities in Korea and big Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, LS, Hyundai, TUV Korea, etc.

Candy, Cotton pigment blanket pad

from Aug 2, 2021 to Jan 1, 2022

My Bedding, Comfortable Living Space

We created our motto "My Bedding, Comfortable Living Space" and added various functional designs in our production to meet customers' needs.
Our products are reflecting an up-to-date trend, providing the finest quality. 
Bonêve Co., Ltd. will keep its position as a company of trendy products in the bedding industry that continuously performs R & D in order to become a company that co-prospers with its customers.

It's a five-color cotton blanket pad.

-Various utilization.
* To cover the bed with a stretch.
* During Summer and changes of seasons, as a simple spread.
* In the middle of winter and very cold days, as a layered over a quilt.
As it’s compact, for travel, camping, and in the car.
As the whole quilts are washed 3 times in production, the texture is very soft and the size changes less after washing.
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