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from Aug 31, 2021 to Aug 31, 2022

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from Sep 26, 2021 to Sep 26, 2022

Are you interested in our products? 
Please order product samples by online mall. 

Suction baby angel tray giftbox

from Sep 26

Suction Baby angel tray + Suction wide bowl(300ml) + Angel cup(170ml) + Baby spoon fork 3set

-Suction baby angel tray
- This is used as suction food tray with the Combination of silicone suction plate this is Very good  for raising self eating habit and very Good for baby by various colors and functions. 
- It’s got a plate lid, so it can be stored hypothetically
- Very easy grip by Two wings
- Food tray fixed due to strong suction power.

Buying Product Samples Online

from Sep 26, 2021 to Sep 26, 2022

kompass sample mall

Are you interested in our products? 
Please order product samples by online mall. 

Deep Coil 300

from Sep 26

It is a product that increases heat exchange efficiency by increasing the depth of geothermal construction to 300m, while reducing the number of geothermal installations, lowering the overall construction cost. 
Existing geothermal heat exchangers were difficult to install more than 200m due to buoyancy caused by groundwater, but they applied new technology that overcame this by loading materials.
It is very advantageous when the installation area of the geothermal system is small.

Easy Hitter grip

from Sep 26

The EASY POWER GRIP provided with innovative (S) & (W) grip functions helps the golf players substantially improve the driving distances and straightforwardness to desired direction, particularly correcting the troublesome slices and hooks by turning the grip respectively to left (S) and right (W) sides. 

A new concept power grip that improves directionality and distance through zero adjustment


from Sep 26

A portable UV light Sterilizer and Dryer 

Sterilizer especially for instrument. 
- Powerful UV-C LED sterilizer 
- Multi-function : Sterilizer and Dryer at same moment 
- Prevent damage for instrument 
   - Saxophone, Clarinet
- Sterilization drying for various living goods 
   - wireless earphone, credit card, anything fit into interior size 
- Sterilized and dry only take 3 mins. 

# Technical Detail / Specifications
Total size : 
W(35mm) L(45mm) H(110mm)


Pneumatic correction dispenser

from Oct 24, 2021 to Oct 18, 2022

The high-precision pneumatic correcction dispenser machine 'Cherry' guarantees DRAMATIC COST SAVING and HIGHEST WORK EFFICIENCY in the manufacturing lines for Semi-conductors or any other product assembly works.
Wire, wireless network let you easily control the central server and build a smart factory with IOT -based controls. And it can be controlled in space other than the work site 


from Sep 26

Ion-massage device that uses a microcurrent [MIMIBONG]

It is a compound word of the Chinese characters beautiful (美) and English (me), and contains the meaning of "beautiful me."

MIMIBONG utilizes a microcurrent that is very similar to the intrinsic current of the human body.
When cosmetics and device are used together, the microcurrent helps absorb the effective ingredients of cosmetics into the skin.


from Sep 27



mielle Professional Blondie Anne Treatment Color Cream line

from Sep 26

1. Basic/Fashion color 150g: The best domestic hair dye that goes beyond elegance and splendor / Applies smoothly and protects the scalp with castor oil

2. Mix color 120g: Infinite possibilities to prevent blurred colors and blurred areas / Rich in color expression by mixing with general hair dye cream

# Technical Detail / Specifications
After the hair is cleaned, mix the selected color with the appropriate oxidant at a ratio of 1:1 or more than 1:2, then apply it to the hair

After 25~35mins of resting and color checking, spray and handle with mielle Professional TeraP pH Balance, then rinse off thoroughly and finish with shampooing


from Sep 15, 2021 to Sep 1, 2022

Max Dental was established in 2008 as a professional manufacturer of dental devices.
We're developing and manufacturing intraoral cameras, curing lights and other dental items and we're exporting to more than 30 countries and also distributing in Korea.

Invitation to Sample Mall !

from Sep 12, 2021 to Mar 8, 2022

We would like to invite you sample mall for Elastic Lab Inc.! Elastic Lab Inc. No matter where you are in the world, you can purchase samples from Elastic Lab Inc. through the Kompass Sample Mall.

Online Shopping mall - Leading Korean Products

from Apr 30, 2021 to Nov 30, 2023

kompass sample mall

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There are many innovative and excellent products that are comparable to those of global companies. 

QUEEN SENSE online market open

from Aug 1, 2021 to Dec 30, 2021

We are continuously researching and developing products related to bedding to identify customer needs and respond quick

# Company Introduction
- Inheriting 30 years of history and tradition, we have built a stable production line with reliable technology.
  It is being built and recognized for its excellence in quality.
- We are continuously researching and developing products related to bedding to identify customer needs and respond quickly to market trends.

# Main Products 
- 60 Count Cotton Asa Pigment Washed Linen Quilted Bedding Set
- Punggi rayon carpet
- Organic cotton bedding set

# Strength 
-All processes are locally produced in Korea, and we handle everything from fabric purchase to product production. 

Healthy bedding. It's the best bedding company.

from Aug 1, 2021 to Dec 30, 2021

The basic principle of bedding is fabric. Fabric expert makes bedding.

Mongle organic cotton 100% spread

# Product information
1) Organic pure cotton washing pigment spread (S/Q) 2size, 6color
- White, gray, mint, beige, pink, blue
- S(150*210)
- Q(205*225)
-50*70 pillow
- Layer material: 30% cotton, 70% poly

2) Fully licensed and certified pure organic 100% cotton, genuine label is attached.
- Occasionally, the cottonseed hull may be visible and it is safe to use.

3) Washing Pigment
- The finished product is boiled at high temperature and dyed using a natural washing pigment processing method that gives it a natural, vintage color and soft texture. 


from Jul 29, 2021 to Aug 26, 2022

We have continued to improve the 'warm introduction' process at Global Chamber® to add more and more value to our members, including post-covid.
What a time to be living, and connecting and growing! Unprecedented!
These new times require a little shift in the way warm introductions are done to facilitate optimum success.
This post summarizes some ways we've modified our approach to meet market needs. Through the last 1-1/2 years we've learned that warm introductions help nearly every business, and for many doing international work, they are an essential supplement to all the other ways we meet people - through 
Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber®


from Aug 2, 2021 to Feb 18, 2022


TESTONE is specialized in test equipment manufacturing such as U.T.M, Enviroment Chamber and etc., with the best technician more 20 years career and constant technical developing efforts.
We have supply records mainly to universities in Korea and big Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, LS, Hyundai, TUV Korea, etc.

Candy, Cotton pigment blanket pad

from Aug 2, 2021 to Jan 1, 2022

My Bedding, Comfortable Living Space

We created our motto "My Bedding, Comfortable Living Space" and added various functional designs in our production to meet customers' needs.
Our products are reflecting an up-to-date trend, providing the finest quality. 
Bonêve Co., Ltd. will keep its position as a company of trendy products in the bedding industry that continuously performs R & D in order to become a company that co-prospers with its customers.

It's a five-color cotton blanket pad.

-Various utilization.
* To cover the bed with a stretch.
* During Summer and changes of seasons, as a simple spread.
* In the middle of winter and very cold days, as a layered over a quilt.
As it’s compact, for travel, camping, and in the car.
As the whole quilts are washed 3 times in production, the texture is very soft and the size changes less after washing.


from Jul 22, 2021 to Feb 19, 2022


High Speed Seried 8745 Tools
- Line-up about tools 8,745 tools 151 items for various choice
- New special coating for maximizing anti-abrasion
- Strong cutting power for high speed and efficiency

#Main Product: Carbide Endmill & Drill
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