4_CHE-001 Net-type ne second speed laundry clothespin | hanger laundry of Chamgil co.,Ltd


Description of the Product

Relieving onerousness of taking in laundry one by one, you can take in at one time! 
As it hangs 44 one second speed tongs, you can take in laundry easily and conveniently. Also, as it is never 
deformed even in hot heat or in water boiling at 100℃, it is a laundry drying rack exclusive for 
small laundry(socks, towel, underwear) which can be used for a long time. It is possible to utilize the 
veranda more widely and practically. 

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

The net-type one second speed laundry clothespir
can be folded in half. This characteristic allows for better
space use, and the hanging hook allows for back of chairs,
shelves, hooks to be used for laundry drying in tight spaces
The pulley in the pincers spin and fall out smoothly
The pulley is interlinked like a gear and it holds on firmly
to the clothing, preventing it from falling and leaving no marks