6_ACS-004 TOWEL DRYING RACK l strong ceiling-typed drying rack of Chamgil co.,Ltd


Description of the Product

If towel/socks/underwear/trouser are
inserted in the narrow gap without using clothes hanger,
it is ok. Towel can be hung out up to
8 sheets. Even when taking in,
it can be taken in one second only
if you pull at one time.
As it is made with high elasticity
and high strength material, its elasticity is excellent.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

Product Size
1. W40cmX35cm H7.8 Number of tongs 8
2. W40cm X21cm H7.8 Number of tongs 8
material:ABS PLASTIC
Use:Socks / Baby clothes / Small clothes / Leggings Please put your pants tight. It is a high-strength, material that does not distort discoloration and move even in hot heat, so just hang it anywhere.