Smoothy Metering Pumps ( PKD Series) of CHEONSEI IND.CO.,LTD.


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Description of the Product

In general, metering pumps have advantages for high discharge pressure, fixed quantity, and corrosion resistance, but it could be restricted for use according to the process because it have characteristic arising pulsation in injection side caused by operating principle. 
Cheonsei has developed constant velocity cam which removes its characteristic radically, and has completed Smoothy Metering Pumps as patent technology for correction of constant velocity cam. 

- The cost can be reduced by no need for equipment to reduce pulsation and surrounding environment can be improved & damage of piping can be prevented by little noise and vibration. 
- Because it does not cause inertia force, chemicals are saved. 

**Price(FOB) : USD2800.00~15000.00

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

- Capacity : 5 ~ 81,000ml/min                         
- Discharg pressure : 0 ~ 10 bar                                         
- Accuracy = ±2~3%                 
- Pulse Rate = ±5%                     
- Viscosity : 0 ~ 500cp                         
- Maximum Specific Gravity : 1.8                     
- PP, PVDF, SUS for Liquid End Material