Surge Protective Device (SPD of Primesolution Corp.


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Description of the Product

  1. Protecting from lightning surges and direct impulse currents
  2. Applicable for power liones, telecommnication, solar energy, ESS etc.
  3. For Class I, II, III
  4. Type : Surge box type, Din-rail type
  5. Approval : KS, CE, CB, UL etc.
**Price(EXW) : $15~790

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

1.Class I SPD
Iimp 10/350us  12.5kA/25kA(L-N Mode)
                   50kA / 100kA (N-PE Mode)
In 8/20us 12.5kA / 25kA / 50kA / 100kA

2.Class II
In 8/20us 20kA / 40kA / 80kA ….

3.Class III
Uoc 1.2/50us (8/20us) 6kV(3kA) / 10kV(5kA) /