Urethane washable sticky mat of Kosan Technology Material Ltd.


Description of the Product

Kosan washable mat is effective 
contamination control product. The mat
remove dirt of a sole of the shoes. The Dirt 
on the mat can be cleaned easily with Wiping 
with water or neutral detergent. It is easy to 
use and no extra garbage. The most benefit 
is economical. It is usable for a few years 
if you have only water and wiper

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

Material : Urethane
Frame : ABS
Size : 600mm * 900mm
Urethane Thickness : 200um 
Frame Thickness : 3T
Total Thickness : 3.3T
Color : Blue

Clean the mat with water or neutral 
Detergent when the adhesive becomes 
Weak. It is possible to reuse quickly after 
Water is dried.